Please Help Me ...

Congratulations, you have win. Please keep calm. You are at the right place. If you have reached at this place, means you need help. You are in the situation, that you can not explain to anybody. According to you everything is fine but in reality, it isn't. Problem is that you are alone. This is the hard time for you to trust anyone. Please don't try to become a superman. There is only & only one solution of this problem. Please trust on your father, mother, brother, sister or any family member at this time. Please try to contact them. Keep in touch with them. Tell them that you are not feeling well. If you are unable to explain the situation, that's fine. They will automatically detect that you are not fine. But keep in touch with them. It's all about of your surrender. Please cry in front of them. Just vomit your feelings in front of them. With this technique you will win automatically. You are a winner. They were always with you in your every victory and defeat. This is not the first time for them.

It is a universal truth that in your family, friend circle and colleagues everyone is fine, except you. If you have any doubt in your mind, there is another method to check your health. There are some images with sounds are given below. If you are attracting or distracting from these images and sounds, please contact to your family as soon as possible. You need a psychiatrist.

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